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Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard | Via

Near the port city of Chittagong in Bangladesh, lies one of the largest ship-breaking yards in the world. It stretches for 18 km along the coast on the Bay of Bengal where more than 200,000 Bangladeshis break down up to 100 ships a year. Working under hazardous conditions, workers rip apart ships with their bare hands and a blowtorch to assist, dissecting the ship bolt by bolt, rivet by rivet. Every piece of metal worth salvaging is carried on to waiting trucks in the shoreline to be carried away to furnaces where it will be melted down and fashioned into steel rods. The steel accounts for half of all the steel in Bangladesh.

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I enjoy that Barnes and Noble puts the religion section facing the science one

iwrestledabearonce, Letters to Stalone

I love and treasure individuals as I meet them, I loathe and despise the groups they identify with and belong to.

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Oathbreaker played brooklyn and it was the shit


More irresistible owls here: Photo source (


More irresistible owls here: Photo source (


Rolo Tomassi, Adrasteia [live at Corporation, Sheffield, Tramlines 2014]

So you're antireligious? Perhaps are you then an atheist or antitheist or what do you believe? On a related note, do you get peeved when the U.S. isn't exactly separated from church and state? (example: in God we trust on currency, schools having every kid pledge their allegiance, etc.)


Yep, antireligious, but not atheist or antitheist. It’s not any of my business how people conceive of deities, spiritual practices, personal cosmology, etc on an individual level. I’m really against organized/institutionalized religion. We’re most familiar with this “kind” of religion because of the religions of the Book (the Bible and whatever), but Buddhism and Hinduism are pretty institutionalized; many world religions have a degree of hierarchy reminiscent of government (with levels or priesthood, spiritual power, and so on). By analogue, I’m against people who uphold the power structures of religion, whether adherent or authority. That includes priesthood, missionary work, etc. I could say I despise religion, but my opinions on these things aren’t really definitely defined. They’re more of a spectrum which changes as I learn and read new things. I do think religion is poisonous and vile, no different in nature or form from addiction to drugs. It’s inherently exclusionary. It’s self-destructive. It’s unhealthy. It’s self-repressive. You can’t prove or disprove it, so it can (and has obviously been) used as justification for more harm than good (and the good is subjective anyway — being a better person? being happier? attaining spiritual fulfillment? sharing the glory of your god with others? screw those things). You have to admit, though, that without the zealous, fanatic ambition of Europeans, the world probably wouldn’t be like it is today. But that doesn’t really mean anything, it’s just an observation of how modernity came to be. The fact of the matter is that religion is just as flawed as human nature, and rather than try to mask our flaws with religion, we should face them head-on and overcome without using religion as a crutch. For me, personally, I extend the idea of “relying on a crutch” to most things I think people rely on irresponsibly out of fear, like drugs, alcohol, etc. and I choose not to do those things. That’s just me. I try really hard not to judge people who form unhealthy dependencies, but I still have some degree of silent contempt inside.

As for the US, I think we’ve got a lot of work to do in ousting our conservative, Christian nature from our society. People are still really averted to sex and nudity, ashamed of their bodies, and against non-hetero relationships because the US is profoundly religious in every way. We like to think we’re “equal” and “free,” but I think influence from Christianity is going to take a long time to remove, if at all possible. I believe all “marriages” should be “civil unions” unless the people choose to be “married” in a religious setting. That’s pretty secular. At this point, seeing God everywhere in the US doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is the fact that people are blind to it. Marilyn Manson wrote in his autobiography that the “antichrist” is not an entity, it’s a collection of ideas which will ultimately turn the tables against religion and enlighten the masses to its flawed, destructive, violent nature. I don’t think people will ever give up religion (we’re creatures of fear — moreover, our fear is reinforced by the mass media and pop culture), so the Christians should stop worrying. I don’t just hate on the US for this either, the Chinese government/Communist party is supposed to be atheist (it is officially so), but is overwhelmingly religious still. 

The answer to this ask is so long because I spend a lot of time thinking about religion in society and how my vehement opposition to it fits in. It’s probably one of my greatest dissatisfactions. Ultimately my opinions stay to myself and I try to remain open-minded and educated. I used to hate Christian(ity/s) and love Buddhism when I was like 14, but that was just because I was exoticizing the “East.” Now I’m really unilaterally opposed to religion. People tend to accept the way things are because they’re comfortable, so I guess to make them aware you need to make them uncomfortable.

Thanks for the ask, though!





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