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I'm in NYC and I'm like the only freaking student at NYU who likes death metal.
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Immigrant Song


Immigrant Song

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STOPmotion by Carsten Witte

Three Trapped Tigers, Untitled 6 (From EP #2)

› So how are you? You don't seem to be re-blogging much. Just busy perhaps? Hope all is well


thanks for the kind words, anon! you are getting to know a lot about me though, a shame i don’t know much about you

› A crush you say? You can't leave us hanging. Tell more! Also did you know that if you don't pay attention to a cat, it'll be more likely to take an interest to you? That's why people with allergies and people who dislike cats seem to attract them sometimes. I'm sure there are cats that would love to be around you. Like me! ...but I'm not a cat. :)


Unfortunately, dear anon, this is one of those ‘hell has a greater chance of freezing over so you might as well give yourself a lobotomy’ crushes

i don’t even think i’ll be able to make cats stay around me when i’m old 

i’m just going to live amidst many small plants with names 

so this is the feeling everyone in high school meant when they said they had a crush 

Heavy Heavy Low Low, Inhalant Abuse is Illegal and Can be Fatal

I don't listen to metal much but I want to give it go. Could you give me a starting point? What would be a good introductory band or album? Also could you describe the differences or give me an example of the varying genres (metalcore, mathcore, death metal)? Thanks very much in advance.


it’s hard for me to do this because my interest in this music sort of evolved organically over a few years. Basically my taste went from Evanescence > Alesana/Chiodos/that kind of blahbah screamo music > The Devil Wears Prada (all of those in High School) > iwrestledabearonce > Rolo Tomassi > Throats > We Butter the Bread with Butter > Maths > Oathbreaker > Amenra (all of these in college, up to now!). 

So a starting point? I’m not sure. I could break down the differences as I understand them between genres, but in my opinion having super specific genres like the ones i’m about to talk about can sort of be a limitation and are not entirely necessary. like my favorite band, Rolo Tomassi, are they mathcore? maybe a little, but not entirely? I’ve seen them described as “jazzcore” too. They might not be heavy enough for “deathcore,” but some of their songs may incorporate elements of deathcore (like maybe in the latter part of A Cosmic Accident). they’re very experimental, yet have a cohesive “identity,” so I don’t know what genre they are really, and how to classify them isn’t so important anyway, just listen for sound! for instance, I would say I like “metalcore,” but I don’t like every band classified as this genre. I don’t like a lot of things, actually. so just listen for sounds you like rather than genres you like!


  • metal: I don’t really listen to metal (it all sounds similar to me and , but some bands I think are Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, etc. I really can’t stand power metal or operatic metal (too much guitar and monotonous rhythm) and for the most part I just kind of avoid metal. I do like the Taiwanese nationalist band Chthonicbecause they experiment with the genre and incorporate traditional instruments like the erhu into their music. I have two of their albums, and they don’t have that overpoweringly stanky metal flavor. Here’s a song: Mahakala.
  • sludge metalI have to mention this because two bands I really like are considered sludge, Oathbreaker, and Amenra. i guess they’re also doom metal. I can only describe sludge as thick. it’s so thick, you get lost in the tides of music, but it’s still rhythmic and has a progression that you can follow. Some songs: Hierophant (Oathbreaker) and Am Kreuz (Amenra, this song in particular always evokes a very emotional reaction from me. I don’t know why, I described it to my friend as though the song could be visualized like the flow of a river, with different elements of the song flowing into one another. it’s so goooood) 

  • hardcore: I listen to a lot of subgenres of hardcore, which originated back in the ’80s and ’90s as a heavier evolution of punk rock. pay attention to the -core

  • metalcore: for a long time I mainly listened to this, but I don’t like it so much anymore. it’s like metal + hardcore. I think of it mostly in terms of its riffs, breakdowns, but with more emphasis on screaming than metal had. a lot of bands fall into this category nowadays: The Devil Wears Prada, Parkway Drive, Bullet for my Valentine, As I Lay Dying, etc. This genre’s pretty popular nowadays, I’m sure most people my age will recognize some metalcore names. I actually like The Devil WearsPrada’s first album, Dear Love and their Zombie EP, but I used to like all of their albums until I realized that they were becoming a pop punk sissy band that was evolving into something boring. Since the genre’s pretty popular I’ve noticed that a lot of metalcore bands have really interesting early albums and then when they ride their wave of fame, they change so more people will like them… Here are songs for metalcore: Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over (good Devil Wears Prada) and Old Ghosts/New Regrets (good Parkway Drive). can you hear the metal influence in the guitar and bass?! 

  • deathcore: I like things about deathcore, but sometimes it can be really overwhelming. like if you listen to it for your first time you’ll be like “whaat??!! what rhythm do I pay attention to??! this is amelodic??? help’?!?” it’s generally heavier than metalcore (hence the death from death metal) and has a raw-er, more industrial sound. I guess one example I have is We Butter the Bread with Butter, whom I like a LOT but aren’t entirely deathcore. they’re kind of synthcore/deathcore combined because they like to use elements of electronic music in their songs. a good song (they all are!!!) from WBTBWB is AlptraumsongThroats is also kind of deathcore-y in some of their songs, though I think they’re usually considered a heavier version of hardcore/mathcore/doom metal? Here’s Hibernate from one of Throats’searlier albums.

  • synthcore: this just means they use elements of electronic music in their ‘core of choice. Blood Stain ChildMergingMoonand We Butter the Bread with Butterare examples. 

  • mathcore: now this is probably my most favorite subgenre because my most favorite bands are usually grouped with it! mathcore seems most experimental to me because within individual songs there will be changes of time signature, melody, rhythm, singing, etc. so that a single song can vary like a self-contained album. the genre was pioneered by The Dillinger Escape Plan and others, but I don’t care for them much.  Rolo Tomassi is without a doubt my most favorite band and have been for quite a long time. they’re not *only* mathcore, they actually inhabit many genres in my opinion. I can’t give one song that will give you a satisfactory intro to them because they’re really diverse and have so many subtle nuances in their music. but! I can link to a few: Old Mystics, RemancerTongue in ChicFofteen, Titanomachia (amazing song!!!). In addition to Rolo Tomassi, I’m also a fan of  Heavy Heavy Low Lowwho were a little math-y and a lot death/hardcore. Their song Buddy, You’re Makin’ No Sense is a pretty good example of their sound. Also iwrestledabearonce which I would consider to have some mathcore elements in addition to grindcore (? I don’t know what exactly) and deathcore. they like playing around, for instance: Tastes Like Kevin Bacon though you can see that they’re decidedly more deathcore than mathcore. their newer stuff is more death-y in my opinion. there was also Marmozets who were interesting early on, but their newer album is like catchy skater punk or emo rock or something. I dunno what exactly but I did *not* like it as much. Compare Skin (I like) to the Paramore-punk-esque Why Do You Hate Me? (eh)

so there’s a crash course in my understanding of these nuanced genres and some bands/songs you can look into! I don’t know how helpful this will be and I may have overdone this response but music is important and I like it a lot u_u obviously my understanding of these genres is different from musicians or the artists themselves and i’m not really an authority!

thanks for the ask!!! <3 <3 music

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