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I'm in NYC and I'm like the only freaking student at NYU who likes death metal.

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it’s a game show where everyone eats the furniture in a room and tries to see which is made of chocolate

So basically you’re telling me this is the best fucking game ever created

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White people ask is it cultural aapropriation if they stretch their ears. I say yes and especially when you go and put gauges in that belong to a specific culture.






Everything you see in the world doesnt belong to you.

And not everything in the world belongs to a certain group.

Really and what certain group are u speaking about cause I dont do subliminal Statements. You have something to say then say it.

I was saying that no culture has an exclusive claim on ear stretching. It isn’t appropriation for anyone to have stretched ears. 

Not everything is appropriation. 

1. “Gauges” aren’t a thing. You mean plugs or tunnels. You could even just say “jewelry” and it would be more accurate than “gauges”. 

2. Stretched piercings are something that tons of different cultures have done in tons of different time periods. Believe it or not, things can be invented by different cultures completely independently of each other. 

3. Most of the iconic images you see of indigenous/tribal people with large piercings, those aren’t even stretched, they are scalpeled. Not all of those have an esoteric religious significance, either. Many of them are purely for beauty and body adornment purposes. 

That’s not to say there has never been actual cultural (mis)appropriation in the body modification community, but stretching is just such a widespread, non-specific practice that it’s ridiculous to claim it’s appropriative in any way. 

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The Rose and the Thistle


Flobots - The Rose and The Thistle

From the album The Circle in the Square (2012)


This beautiful and intelligent girl wrote a very inspiring poem in response to Nash Grier’s video “What Guys Look For In Girls”. It shows just how ridiculous and harmful society’s standards of beauty and perfection are. It delivers an important message that more people need to hear.


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The Bible is historical mansplanation.



Philosophically, Nietzsche’s declaration of “the death of God” may guide us to shift our focus from macro-level concern for social reform to micro-level assertion of an individual humanistic liberty that declares: No “God” or “King” but ourselves can save us or save the human race. This realization of individual freedom and integrity must arise from one’s own hard work and self enlightenment; The old value system in which absolute temporal and spiritual power ruled should be challenged, questioned, or overthrown. Any ideological taboo that is anti-humanity should be revoked. The rigid thought of Absolutism should be replaced by a more open and pluralistic relativism.

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A, S, V, L, N


once more we clearly see
you’ll choke on 3 words
but you won’t choke on dick
swallowing your pride swallowing your pride
like drunken friday nights
whose next?
and i’m thinking that this could not be so bad
girl eats boys
boy eats girl
and we all get fed
I’ve always viewed this as masochistic
we all have our vices and mine is getting “fucked”

in every true meaning of the word
once more, we see where you stand
fuck you.